Our Family

Our Family


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quick Takes Friday

Our Selfie Sunday for Mattie Loux.
The world lost one couragous little boy last week
Please keep the Loux family in your prayers,
I cannot even begin to fathom the void they are feeling right now.

Back to school haircuts that make him look way too old.
His little sister cried when they cut his hair,
See she has the same curls and she thinks very highly of them,
The idea that someone would want to cute theirs off was just too much for her tiny little diva-ish self!
He approves of the new do but says he will grow it out again.

Sweet little toddler preschooler doodles.
The littles are big into drawing and writing stories right now.
They amaze me daily.


Kindergarten and First Grade,

HAHAHA I don't even know what to say with these two pictures.
They sure do keep me on my toes.
My very cautious and quirkily hilarious oldest,
And my dare devil youngest!

He might kill me for posting this but I love this picture,
And I love that man!
I thank God everyday for having him to walk through life with!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Waiting Child Wednesday - Meet Sadie

Meet Sadie.
Sadie is 9 years.
She has  Osteogenesis imperfecta which is more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease.
Sadie has an in country advocate who loves her very much and has been shouting for her since February 2009.

Last year a family committed to adopt her,
They travelled to meet her and told her they loved her.
They accepted her referral are said they'd be back for her soon.

And they never came back.
The family changed their mind.
And it's not worth being upset about,
Because if a family could just up and leave a child behind,
She's better off without them.

The problem is that Sadie is very aware of what has happened.
She was told her mama and papa would be back and they never came back.

This little girl is so smart!
She uses multitude of her own phrases in the everyday life, participates in dialogues, asks variety of questions and answers questions, recognizes the animals and colors, counts correctly to 17, knows her ABC's, names the days of the week, sings variety of songs, recites rhymes, and does so many other things. An individual teacher is visiting her daily and she's in second grade.

You may not think it based on her pictures,
But Sadie is living in constant pain right now.
She is receiving absolutely no treatment or therapy where she is at to help improve her quality of life.

Sadie will always be very fragile but there is so much more for her here than where she is currently.
There is a very reputable OI clinic in Nebraska that families travel to from all over the country.
Sadie will need Pamidronate Infusions quarterly, these infusions help to eliminate pain and prevent further bone deterioration.
After her initial evaluation at an OI clinic,
Infusions and surgeries can often be scheduled at a local hospital!
A motorized wheelchair and daily therapy are likely in her future.

Many children with OI have siblings, pets, and live in active families.
Sadie breaks easily but a family will learn how to keep her safe while still letting her live life and play like a normal 9 year old.

 OI is a rare and serious condition, but it is not one to be feared in our country.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You can learn a lot from the internet

Like that we are adopting a "Super-Violent" 10 year old.
It's so bizarre, I thought I was the one there in country learning about her non violent behaviors
She's actually quite gentle

That we live in a rural area far from medical care.
hmm, the children's hospital is less than 5 minutes from our house.

That we have multiple toddlers.
Nope, sorry.

That we have no experience with our children's needs.
Again, where has this knowledge been pulled from?
I'm not posting my resume, but the last several years have been spent working primarily with individuals who have the very diagnosis' of the children we are adopting.

We have a one year old.
Oh how I miss having babies,
I love when the internet deems that I have kids I don't have in age ranges I don't have.
You will have to add a couple years to that one.
Where have I ever said that I have a one year old?
Math lesson...
If our oldest is 9 and the kids are 2 years apart, how old does that make my youngest? Don't hurt your brain!

I travelled overseas to help bring someones kids home.
  I apparently traveled with someone I have never met.
But I didn't.
Yet another nice try.
Have not assisted in a pickup trip for any family,
Nor did I travel with the family you are referring to at any point.

Maybe next time you'll have something legit,
Try harder.