Thursday, April 26, 2012

The boys are getting off easy.

Challenge #3 was posted at the bottom of this post on April 17th, that was over a week ago!
When we hit $12,000...
Be prepared for these two sweet teenage brothers to put their embarrassment aside because they are going to stroll the street of their town, dressed up from head to toe in girly attire!

That was 9 days ago and 9 days to you and me isn't a long time, but 9 days in Lyla's life is eternity, it is long monotonous days with little to no contact and a failing heart on top of everything else. 9 days is too long. We should have been one step further by now, Lyla should be one step closer to freedom by now.

Exciting things are happening right now, on both sides of the ocean. Today Lyla's country received documents that were hand delivered by another adopting family, documents that scream "WE WANT HER AND WILL BE THERE SOON" (Okay well not in those exact words, but you get it!).  And on Tuesday their USCIS application found it's way to USCIS for immigration approval! 
Please pray for swift movement in the USCIS office and that the officer assigned to them comprehends and cares about the urgency of Lyla's need to get out of an orphanage and into a hospital for a life saving surgery as soon as humanly possible. As soon as they have USCIS approval, their dossier will be on it's way to Lyla's country.

What happens if they get their golden ticket, send off their dossier, and receive travel dates but then don't have the funds needed to travel? What if they are short? What happens if they have to delay travel and request new dates because they need an extra 9 days to raise the funds?
It should not be taking us 9 days.
Because we, as a Reece's Rainbow family, rallied around them, and promised we would get them funded if they would put aside their worry about funding and follow their hearts and His words, both were saying "GO!"
We promised to provide. 
What would He think if he knew we turned our backs on them at the last minute?
Turned our backs on His orphans?

We have $3,600 left to raise and in a few short weeks they could have their travel dates.
Don't make Lyla wait any longer than absolutely necessary.

If we can not rally together to get to $12,000 by Sunday night I am letting Conor and Nick off the hook, if we cannot do what we promised to get their sister home, I am NOT about to make them dress up and humiliate themselves for us! So Sunday night this challenge expires, 
Do you want to be the one who sends the message to these boys letting them know that their sister didn't mean enough to us to meet the goal needed to get them one step closer?

As if the boys weren't incentive enough...

Purchase this software for $29, gain a new hobby, receive a $10 credit to shop on their site, AND a free photobook. You will also be entered to win a subscrition to a years membership of kits from (valued at over $200)
(This offer expires Sunday night as well)

Get all that by spending $29 and you know what Lyla will get if you do that?

Only $20 of it will count toward the challenge though, because the additional $20 will not come in until a later date, but it will come in and it will help get her home!

Please go HERE and read all about the software fundraiser and what exactly you have to do to make sure it benefits Lyla, and to make sure you get it for $29 instead of $39 and gain all the additional perks!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He's at it again!

God that is. He provides in amazing ways, ways beyond my ability to comprehend and I am beyond humbled and grateful for the love and generosity shown toward Lyla and the Spitz' family.

My friend Katrina has been hosting a fundraiser for quite some time to help raise money toward their adoption, it was a fundraiser that had always peaked my interest but I just never got around to purchasing... until tonight!

I made that page for Lyla just one hour after downloading the software for the first time, it is that easy and was a ton of fun to do!

The program is called My Memories and it retails for $39.97 which in my opinion would be totally worth it, BUT....

Use the code STMMMS69334 when purchasing and you will accomplish a few things
1. Save $10, making the software just $29.97
2. You'll receive another coupon code, a $10 credit toward addition scrapbooking kits to purchase
 (but their are TONS of free kits all over the internet so don't think you will need to spend tons of money to get great pages!)
3. You'll get yet another coupon code for a free 20 page 6x6 photobook
4. Come back and leave a comment telling me you purchased the software and you will be entered to win a subscription for a one year membership to (valued at over $200)

$20 of each purchase will be donated toward LYLA'S adoption on Monday morning (4/30)
And as if Katrina hasn't been generous enough, her husband's company will then match every $20 donation received from the software purchase, which will show up in their FSP several weeks later, due to needing to get the matching grant fully approved.

So lets recap. Go here, purchase My Memories Suite for $39.97. On the next screen enter STMMMS69334 in as your coupon code and complete the order as prompted. Your total will be $29.97,  you will then get an addition $10 credit, a free photobook, a chance to win a years subscription to the most popular scrapping kits, AND Lyla will receive $40. Can you think of a better way to gain a new hobby and help bring Lyla home, you will end up with a new fun hobby and Lyla will end up with more money than you spent to enjoy your new hobby. WIN WIN!

For those that don't know Summer well, she is cautiously optimistic and never believes me when I say things like that our giveaway would be a smashing success, or that we would have their up front costs within the 48 hours needed, or that pieing Sarah in the face would get us to $10,000 so quickly, and $11,000 would have her shaving her husbands head into a mohawk the very next day. She is causiously optimistic and just never seems to trust me when I say "It'll get done!" So the motto of our successful days has been

It's a God thing.

I feel like I am beyond blessed to be able to say it to her over and over again and this is such a God thing (and a great friend thing!)

Katrina, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering to do this, I know I already told you but the tears were flowing when I read your amazing offer.

For my friends that do not know Katrina and her family, they too are in the process of adopting, their daughter is older and already in a mental institution and they are so ready to go scoop her up but her region has recently decided to temporarily close it's doors to the US for adoption, this is devastating news for Katrina's family as well as many other who are stuck helplessly waiting. Their documents are going to start expiring soon and will need to be completely redone, they will need the funds to redo everything they had just done so this gift they they have given Lyla, this money that they could have definitely benefitted from is a gift beyond anything I could fathom, she has a heart of gold. Please after you have purchased your fabulous new software, consider donating to Steve and Katrina as they anxiously await the day that they can finally cross the ocean and bring their daughter home as well

You get fun software and could help two beautiful little orphans make their way home, it doesn't get better than that!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not a weekend longer.

Oh sweet friends, my heart is breaking today.
You have all been so generous in your giving toward Lyla and the Spitz family and I am so beyond grateful but we need your help.

I am on my knees BEGGING.

Lyla spent approximately 14 months in the hospital, in critical condition. The Spitz family were told she had no chance of surviving and yet she did.

Lyla is a survivor.

She has waited so long and this little girl is so so sick.

The thing is Lyla's family just found out that their home study is COMPLETE, which is an amazingly wonderful thing. HOWEVER, the next step costs a large chunk of change....

$1,170 to be exact.

I understand the urgency of adopting, everybody wants their baby home and in their arms. It's what's best for all orphans.


Lyla's dossier could be sent off for USCIS approval, complete with expedition, THIS FRIDAY, if the funds were present but they just aren't there.

Lyla's heart is failing, right this moment, as we speak, her heart is failing her.
She is in DESPERATE need of heart surgery.

Please I am on my knees, do not make her wait even a weekend longer, she has waited long enough and cannot afford to wait even one weekend longer.

Please consider heading over to their blog and donating.
or you can do so here:

Donations through Reece's Rainbow will not be available for use until they travel which is why we need any donations for this urgent need to be donated via the chip in above or the chip in located on Summer's blog (either way the money goes to the same place).
Donations to chip in are not tax deductible but will be saving the life of a little girl.

Please, not a weekend longer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The post you have all been waiting for....

This is Dave, Lyla's Daddy!

He's pretty normal looking right? Studly husband and daddy of  7, soon to be 8!

Silly Dave, he had no clue what was in store for him a few nights ago when Summer, Sarah and I started our brainstorming about what would come next after the Love Multiplied Giveaway. Little did he know that he would soon become victim of our fundraising efforts.

This amazing daddy didn't mind one bit though, you see he REALLY wants his baby girl home and in his arms, so no convincing was needed. He was 100% on board to do whatever it took!

We promised you, Lyla's loyal supporters, that as soon as we hit $11,000 in Lyla's account her daddy would sport a mohawk and makeup (courtesy of his kiddos!) and the time has come, 

LYLA HIT $11,000!!!

and Dave is now proudly sporting his new do for all of you! (and makeup too!)

All the little ones got involved, they all want Lyla home too!

Sarah was a proud makeup artist!

Owen working his magic with the lipstick!

Sweet Gavin sporting his own stylish clip and making sure Daddy knows how grateful he is for being a good sport in bringing his sissy home!

Bellie had a blast and can't wait for Lyla to be home!


So now what? What comes next?
You didn't really think we were done, did you?

Lyla is NOT fully funded, so we CANNOT be done.


Meet Conor and Nick, Lyla's oldest two brothers.
{This photo was taken in Ukraine when they went to pick up their baby brother Gavin!}

They too want Lyla home!
(Yeah I know you are hearing that a lot, but LOTS of people want this little lady home!)

So what's next you ask?

When we hit $12,000...

Be prepared for these two sweet teenage brothers to put their embarrassment aside because they are going to stroll the street of their town, dressed up from head to toe in girly attire!

Help them bring their baby sister home!

Challenge #2 - COMPLETE!

GOAL MET!!!!!!!

Lyla's FSP reads $11,020!!!!


Challenge #2
This is Dave, Lyla's daddy (and Bellie, Lyla's sister)

Lyla's daddy REALLY wants his girl home and in his arms!

$11,000 folks, that's the goal.

What happens at $11,000 you ask?

Well that ever so handsome daddy up there, he's shaving his head to a mohawk AND letting the littles get him all fancied up with makeup.


How could you not want to see a picture of what a daddy would do to be able to cross the ocean and rescue his daughter?

$11,000 people, let's get it done!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your generosity toward Summer, Lyla and the entire Spitz family. It has been a privledge to witness everyone rally for this little girl and see many people not only give, but give and give again. It is a beautiful thing and I am so so appreciative!

If you haven't already go follow the Spitz family's blog!

The winner of the IPAD 3 is
JennyR N- She has asked that her comment remain anonymous

The winner of the Amazon $100 gift card is
Amy said...

I donated $300.
The winner of the 2nd Amazon $100 gift card is
mojam said...

I donated $100.
I follow the blog.
I have shared several times on FB and personally know this family and LOVE them!!
The winner of the $100 Silpada gift certificate is

Jill- She has asked that her comment remain anonymous.

The winner of the $25 Walmart giftcard is
Christine said...

Donated $100
The winner of the 2nd $25 Walmart giftcard is
Molly said...

I donated $100! I LOVE the Spitz family. I need to go visit Mr Gavin soon, I miss them!
The winner of the $25 Darden giftcard is
Candice Pauloski said...

Hi there, I donated 50 dollars, shared on FB and follow the Spitz' blog. Excited to follow their journey to their daughter.
The winner of the 2nd $25 Darden giftcard is
Chris A said...

Looking forward to following Lilianna's journey to her forever family.We just donated $50.

The Atherton Family

The winner of the $10 Starbucks giftcard is
Anne said...

Just donated $50 to help bring this precious angel home..
Anne Ross
The winner of the set of 8 handmade birthday cards is

Just donated $100 and also followed their blog. Can't wait to see this precious little girl come home!
The winner of the beautiful handmade hairbows is
Anonymous said...

I just donated $300. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
Amy A
The winner of the $25 gift certificate to For Names Sake is
Joyful Momma said...

Follow the blog and donated $100

The winner of the $10 gift certificate to TuTu Cute Boutique
Debby said...

I just donated $10. I'm praying for you as you work to get your sweet girl! Debby P
The winner of the Gi Gi Hill Purse is
sheila w.- She has asked that her comment remain anonymous

Any prized that are not claimed by May 1 will be redrawn

You guys really wanted Sarah to get a pie in the face!

First I just want to say THANK YOU ALL once again for helping make our giveaway for Lyla so successful. The winners will be posted this evening

$10,000 has been raised for Lyla and the Spitz Family!

Last night we challenged you to get Lyla to $10,000 and if you did our dear friend Sarah would get pied in the face by her sweet and sassy little girl, Zoya!

In honor of all of our Lyla supporters rallying together in getting Lyla 2/3 of the way funded....

Sarah gets pied in 3---2---1!!!!!

Oh but NO NO NO, that is not all...did you really think we were done here? We PROMISED to get them FULLY FUNDED. 

Challenge #2
This is Dave, Lyla's daddy (and Bellie, Lyla's sister)

Lyla's daddy REALLY wants his girl home and in his arms!

$11,000 folks, that's the goal.

What happens at $11,000 you ask?

Well that ever so handsome daddy up there, he's shaving his head to a mohawk AND letting the littles get him all fancied up with makeup.


How could you not want to see a picture of what a daddy would do to be able to cross the ocean and rescue his daughter?

$11,000 people, let's get it done!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The stakes have been RAISED!!!



This is Zoya and she is ready to pie her mama in the face if you can get her friend Lyla's grant to $10,000!

You see Zoya's mama has been following Lyla's journey since Summer's family first committed to her in 2010 and she wants to see her home as much as I do and she's willing to take one for the team!

The bonus is their moms are friends in real life and live just an hour away from eachother. These princesses are also from the same country. They will be playmates.....

But only if we can raise her ransom to get her home!!!

Who wants to see Sarah get pied!?

Six Hundred and Ninety Nine Days

That is WAY to long to wait to tuck your baby in at night.

This beautiful baby girl has been alive and waiting for 29 MONTHS.

This beautiful mother has known for 1 YEAR, 10 MONTHS, 4 WEEKS, AND 1 DAY; that the baby girl she laid eyes on on May 17th, 2010 was meant to be her daughter.

Can you imagine having a baby, knowing she is on deaths doorstep, and being able to do NOTHING about it, medically or physically? Not being able to whisper in her ear and make sure she knows how loved she is, having someone to fight for her, making sure she gets the medical care she needs? Making sure her every laugh, cry, and sniffle is attended to?

I CANNOT FATHOM the feeling of helplessness Lyla's family must have felt for the last 23 months. They were told twice that the daughter of their heart would not survive, she was about to die, all alone...


She has missed out on SO many things, don't let another year go unchanged for Lyla.

Lyla NEEDS heart surgery.
She NEEDS to get up and out of that crib.
She NEEDS her third birthday celebrated!

There is A LOT she has to look forward to, if you can help bring Lyla home!

In case you are just making your way to our amazing month of Lyla, let's review!

March 22- Love Multiplied IPAD 3 Giveaway  (ends TODAY!)
April 10 (and my favorite of our series)- What life will be like for Lyla with YOUR help
April 14 (Summer's Birthday!)- 40 for $40 Challenge
and be on the look out for one last post later today!

There are no words to express how grateful I am for the miraculous success of this giveaway for Lyla and the Spitz family, but we are not finished yet folks!!

$8,405 has been raised and that is HUGE and couldn't have been done without each and every one of you but there is still $6,695 NEEDED to bring Lyla home!

Let's finish this up!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

40 for $40 Challenge

Today is Lyla's mama's Birthday!

and not many women I know would want their BIG 4-0 going viral but this is for a purpose. A great purpose and she is being a trooper about it!

Summer hasn't been feeling so hot lately and was hit with a nasty virus but is thankfully on the mend and will hopefully be spoiled rotten today because she is the queen of all queens in my book.

I could remind you WHY I am on this crusade, why Summer and Lyla need our help but you have all heard it all by now (and if you haven't please go read her amazing fairytale ).

That blur right there is Summer celebrating good news during one of their previous adoptions...

Don't you all want another photo like that, the new 40 YEAR OLD version ;)?

Well here's the deal. We have a challenge for you all.

Summer is celebrating her FORTIETH BIRTHDAY today (have I made that clear yet!?) and the only thing missing is Lyla.

The next best thing to having Lyla in her arms is to get her one step closer to that day and that is where you come in!

Join us in donating $40 to Lyla's grant in honor of Summer's 40th birthday!

and then of course go and enter our giveaway

and THEN head over to Summer's blog and show her some love

2 days left in our giveaway

In two days, on April 15th, our giveaway to rescue princess Lyla will come to an end.
We have two days left to raise her ransom.


That is how much is left to be raised. That is how much is needed to be FULLY FUNDED!! This has been an amazing week for Reece's Rainbow families, I've had the pleasure of watching four families become fully funded this week.

The Rhodes family- FULLY FUNDED!

The Cole family- FULLY FUNDED!

The Edwards family- FULLY FUNDED!

The Salem family- FULLY FUNDED!

and am hoping we'll see Lyla's family added to that list....
The Spitz Family- $7,455 needed.

The only thing more wonderful than watching four families become fully funded would be to witness five families get fully funded this week! Lyla's family.

Lyla has waited TWO YEARS and now we have TWO DAYS left to lift the burden of funding so that after this very long wait she can finally be freed from her dungeon and brought into a family that recognizes the pure perfection she is, a genuine princess.