Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zero to Hero - The Adoption of FOUR

Meet Kyle and Kelly

Kyle and Kelly became first time parents last spring when they adopted their daughter Charlotte. When they left though, they left a piece of ther heart behind that day. Part of their hearts were left in Charlotte's orphanage. It didn't take very long for them to realize they had two more daughters waiting for them, two little girls behind those same walls that they had recently freed Charlotte from. They knew they were going back. 

A few short months after arriving home, Kelly and Kyle committed to "A" and "E", two beautiful little girls who, like Charlotte, also sport an extra chromosome. This family in a years time would become not only first time parents, but parents to THREE little girls, three little girls with Down Syndrome.

What they didn't know was that God had more in store for them than they could have imagined. The country they were adopting from closed their doors to US adoptions, they were told their daughters that we were still there, could not come home.

I followed along with this family's adoption of Charlotte, if there is one thing I'm sure of, it's that this is one strong mama and as soon as she is able, she will bring those two home.


Meet Louisa

Where does she fit into this equation?

Well it was obvious God had a plan in all of this. Remember how I said Kelly and Kyle be going from 0-3 kids in one year?

Meet daughter number 4!
 Louisa will be home in just a few months and her mom, dad, and big sister cannot wait!
She is from a different country than her sisters and very soon she will be wrapped up in her mama's arms.

With 2 daughters stuck, with the complete unknown of when they will be able to bring them home...
and another daughter just a couple months away from knowing the love of her mommy and daddy...

This family has enough stress of the unknowns and uncertainties of adoption,
Can we help lift the burden of funding for them?

They need $25,000 to be FULLY FUNDED.

Right now their Family Sponsorship Page reads just $4014...
Will you donate and help this inspiring family bring Louisa home this summer?
You can donate HERE

They also have an auction going on right now to help bring Louisa home.
The auction ends on Monday, May 27th at 12pm EST.
You can join in the fun at

and most importantly, can you say a prayer for them and for all four of their girls?
Can you put yourself in a place of knowing you have two daughters but not knowing when you will finally hold them in your arms. Pray for their hearts while they wait, it has to be one of the hardest things to go through. Can you pray for all three girls that are still waiting in orphanages, pray that they are well cared for and loved, pray for their health until their parents can get to them. And of course, pray for Charlotte too, her mom and dad will be heading out of country in a couple months and pray that she can have peace with mommy and daddy being gone for a few weeks!

Let's get these girls home, all three of them, starting with Louisa!

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